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“Care coordination is all about empowerment.”

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PPS Compliance Hotline for Reporting Compliance Issues

BPHC depends on compliance from each PPS member, so it is important to establish a way to hold members accountable for non-compliant activities. Our PPS now has a compliance hotline, Read more…


Who We Are

Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities is a coalition of over 200 Bronx-based organizations working together to increase patient access, care quality, and efficiency in healthcare delivery. To read more click here


What is DSRIP?

DSRIP stands for Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program. It is an ambitious statewide initiative to achieve a 25% reduction in avoidable hospitalizations and restructure the health care delivery system. For more detailed information, please click here To answer frequently asked questions, please click here.

Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities (BPHC) is a coalition of unique organizations committed to creating wellness in the Bronx.