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Profiling Community-Based Services in Our PPS

Many PPS member organizations, from hospitals to community-based organizations, offer social support services to keep their communities well, safe, and connected to care. Our PPS will integrate these services into DSRIP projects to address the social and cultural factors that lead to or exacerbate health conditions.

We have recently learned a great deal about the healthcare services available within our PPS, but BPHC has also distributed a survey to learn more about the community-based services our PPS members provide.

Upcoming Discussion Sessions about Community-Based Services

We have scheduled four in-person discussion sessions in July, during which PPS members will explore the role of community-based services in DSRIP projects. We strongly encourage attendance at these sessions, as community-based services are vital to the success of our DSRIP program.

All attendees must register for these sessions by 1PM on Monday, July 13th. We offer multiple sessions to accommodate varying schedules, and we hope that you will be able to attend.