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Looking Ahead

To date, much of the project planning and implementation has been coordinated by BPHC’s Central Services Organization (CSO) and our Project Advisory Committee. But it is our partner organizations, and the staff that work directly with the community, that make healthcare transformation really happen. As we turn our attention to launching our DSRIP projects, we are supporting and preparing our partners to lead the DSRIP initiative on the organizational level.

Some healthcare providers, particularly those that are engaged in multiple projects and have a large number of primary care providers, will need support to coordinate, monitor, and report on their various projects. The CSO is recruiting DSRIP Program Managers to work for these PPS members and facilitate DSRIP implementation. In addition, primary care providers have been connected with experienced PCMH coaches who will help them achieve and sustain PCMH 2014 Level 3 recognition.

This summer nearly 40 BPHC members came together to discuss ways to improve the way organizations work with and support one another. These conversations emphasized the role that community services play in our projects and in the integrated healthcare system that we are working to build.

To continue these important discussions, work groups will meet throughout the DSRIP period to develop strategies for our PPS to engage our community, communicate and connect with one another, work with high-risk populations, and build capacity in supportive housing. This will make the services that our PPS members provide more effective and more sustainable during and beyond the DSRIP years.

There will be much more exciting news to come as we move further into the early stages of DSRIP implementation. To receive updates about our PPS’s progress, please subscribe to our bi-weekly BPHC Bulletin.