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First PPS Members Receive PCMH 2014 Recognition

In November, the Institute for Family Health became the first member organization in our PPS, and the first federally-qualified health center in New York State, to receive recognition as a Level 3 Patient Centered Medical Home under NCQA’s strict 2014 standards. Three Acacia Network sites have also already achieved PCMH 2014 recognition to date. Achieving this recognition is a testament to the high quality of medical care that the Institute and Acacia Network provide in the Bronx and across New York City.

BPHC is committed to building a robust foundation in primary care in the Bronx, and Acacia and the Institute are leading the charge toward achieving PCMH 2014 recognition throughout the PPS. With PCMH coaches working closely with BPHC primary care providers, we expect many more of our partners to achieve Level 3 PCMH 2014 recognition in the coming months.