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DSRIP Program Directors to Play Integral Role in PPS Collaboration

The goal of an Integrated Delivery System is more than smooth referrals and information sharing – it is a truly collaborative community of practice, in which providers teach and learn from one another how to better keep Bronx residents healthy.

DSRIP Program Directors (DPDs) and Managers (DPMs) will play an integral role in creating communities of practice. They have been recruited to coordinate DSRIP implementation and reporting specifically for select partners that are heavily engaged in BPHC’s projects and governance, and they will work together to troubleshoot, innovate, and refine processes during DSRIP implementation. A priority for the CSO will be to facilitate conversation and collaboration between DPDs and their respective organizations.

On December 17th, the CSO led an orientation for DPDs and DPMs. The orientation introduced them to BPHC’s projects, policies, and strategy, and will outline their responsibilities in supporting member organizations throughout the DSRIP period.