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PAOP and Payment Point to High Standards for Reporting

On January 21st, BPHC’s Irene Kaufmann and Amanda Ascher presented on BPHC’s accomplishments and strategy to NYSDOH representatives and DSRIP leaders from around the state at the DSRIP Project Advisory and Oversight Panel (PAOP). BPHC’s presentation focused particularly on work around engaging community-based organizations, which earned scrutiny and praise from the Panel and from Crain’s Health Pulse.

The PAOP also demonstrated the State’s strictness in assessing each PPS’s quarterly reporting – a strictness that was in line with the first DSRIP payment, distributed on January 20th, which made it clear that failure to meet DSRIP performance targets will reduce DSRIP payments. BPHC is proud to have received a full award of $5.4M for DY1Q2, and will work hard to maintain this high level of performance, diligence, and impact throughout the DSRIP period.

You may watch a webcast of BPHC’s presentation or view the presentation slide deck online.