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Looking Ahead

Investing in Innovation

Coordinating care, building a robust foundation in primary care, integrating community-based and medical services into healthcare – these are expansive and systemic reforms designed to affect the Bronx as a whole. But each community within the Bronx has its own unique set of needs, which our PPS members understand best.

Many community based organizations and healthcare providers have developed innovative, targeted, and effective ways to help their clients and patients – innovations which could benefit the entire PPS. BPHC will learn about the innovations in our PPS, and make it possible for member organizations to develop, pilot, and spread them throughout the Bronx.

Targeted Support for Small and Independent Practices

Nearly half of BPHC’s primary care providers – over 450 in total – are based out of small and independent practices. These providers are vital members of our PPS, and will benefit from shared resources like care coordination technologies and PCMH coaches. However, they will require additional supports more tailored to their unique care models. They will attend project launch events designed specifically for their needs and expertise, and will gain access to shared care coordination resources.

Engaging Community-Based Organizations in Healthcare Integration

One of the most exciting implications of the Integrated Delivery System is that it incorporates a wide range of services that promote health and wellness into healthcare delivery. Leaders of several Bronx-based CBOs meet monthly to discuss ways to best accomplish this through improved care coordination between social and healthcare services. They will work together to help make providers aware of which social services are available to their patients and how to access them.

With their roots in diverse communities and cultures, CBOs are also valuable resources for our PPS when it comes to cultural competency and health literacy. They will train providers to ensure that care is delivered in a manner that is responsive to patients’ cultural backgrounds, and that Bronx residents are better prepared to make informed decisions about their health.