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March 20, 2018 All Member Webinar Topics Include

  • Post-Acute Care: Home Care Training, Nursing Homes, Critical Time Intervention
  • Community Behavioral Health Initiative
  • MY2 P4P Distribution
  • BPHC Innovation Fund
  • Innovation Fund Guest Speaker: Acacia’s Benefits Identification Program
  • RHIO Consent Training


September 20, 2017 All Member Webinar Topics include:

  • BPHC 2017 Innovation fund
  • Performance Payment Program
  • MAX Series: Substance Use
  • Workforce Update: Cultural Competency in the Bronx, Social Determinants and the Law
  • BPHC Communications Update
  • BPHC Resource Directory


January 18, 2017 All Member Webinar Topics include:

  • New Programs Overview:
  • Community Behavioral “Call to Action” Initiative
  • Community Health Literacy
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • PCMH Update
  • Value-Based Payment
  • Care Coordination Management System
  • Critical Time Intervention (CTI)


July 19, 2016 All Member Webinar 


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