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Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

To improve the health and wellness of the Bronx community and implement innovative community-level projects which transform the system of clinical delivery.

Our Vision

We envision a healthcare system in the Bronx that relies less on hospital care, focuses on prevention, and improves health outcomes, while at a lower cost to the system. To do this, BPHC will integrate community-based services into medical care, provide coordinated care to every Bronx patient, and adopt a value-based contracting model that allows our coalition to keep the Bronx healthy for years to come.

Our Values

Commitment to the Principle “Patients First”

The BPHC partners are fully committed to the principle that DSRIP is about patients, not institutional power or growth. The coalescing around SBH, a well-respected community hospital, as the lead applicant for this DSRIP demonstrates diverse organizations’ commitment to work together to create a balanced governance structure prioritizing patients and their health outcomes. Support has come from organizations including Montefiore, one of the largest and most successful academic medical centers in NYS, five FQHCs, leading long-term care and developmental disability providers, three health homes, substance abuse agencies and a diverse set of community-based organizations, including Acacia Network, RAIN, H.O.G.A.R, and Care for the Homeless.