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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is BPHC’s primary decision-making body. From developing a Program vision, to evaluating performance, to overseeing financial management of the PPS, the Executive Committee oversees the overall implementation of the DSRIP program.As leaders in their fields and organizations, Executive Committee members represent the variety of organizations in our PPS. This wide representation is central to the Executive Committee’s role in ensuring participation, commitment, and collaboration by BPHC member organizations.


Eric Appelbaum, Associate Medical Director
SBH Health System

Susan Beane, Vice President of Medical Affairs

Maxine Golub, Senior Vice President for Planning and Development
Institute of Family Health

John Kastan, Chief Program Officer
The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services

Marianne Kennedy, Vice President of Hospital Market Development
Visiting Nurse Service of New  York

Matthew McDonough, Vice President of Montefiore Medical Group
Montefiore Health System

Alison McGuire, Vice President of Integrated Health Systems
Executive Director of Hudson Valley Collaborative
Montefiore Health System

Mari Millet, Chief Executive Officer
Morris Heights Health Center

Adria Powell, President and CEO
Cooperative Home Care Associates

Victor Morisete Romero, Business Development Consultant
Bronx United IPA

Charles Scaglione, Executive Director
Bronx, RHIO

Rona Shapiro, Executive Vice President of Home Care
1199 SEIU

Eileen Torres, Executive Director

Len Walsh, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
SBH Health System

Douglas York, Chief Executive Officer
Union Community Health Center

Irene Kaufman, Executive Director, BPHC — CSO Staff
Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities
SBH Health System

Rebekah Epstein — CSO Staff
SBH Health System