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Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee (NC) is charged with nominating candidates for membership on the Executive Committee and the four Sub-Committees. The NC recommends nominated candidates to the Executive Committee who makes the final determinations.

The NC selects candidates based on the following criteria:

➢ education and experience relevant to the Committee or Sub-Committee on which they will serve;
➢ leadership roles in their communities and organizations;
➢ commitment to the success of the PPS and DSRIP in general; and
➢ willingness and ability to make the time commitment necessary to ensure that the PPS and DSRIP goals are being met.

The NC seeks to ensure that the diversity of perspectives and viewpoints are represented on each Committee and Sub-Committee reflecting our diverse member organizations and the patients they serve. The members of the NC are:

Mary Morris
Bronx Partners for Health Communities
David Menashy
Montefiore Medical Center
Alvin Lin
SBH Health System
Anthony Ramirez
Acacia Network
Tony Sementilli
Total Care Pharmacy