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Finance and Sustainability Subcommittee

The Finance and Sustainability (FS) Subcommittee monitors and makes recommendations to the Executive Committee on policies and procedures related to managing DSRIP funds. The FS Subcommittee monitors BPHC’s budget and financial compliance plan and proposes strategies to distribute funds to partner organizations. It also designs the transition to value-based payments, an essential step towards high quality, low cost healthcare.

Members of the FS Subcommittee are Executives in their respective organizations, with experience managing organizational budgets and financial statements. The members of the FS Subcommittee are:

Co-Chair: David Menashy, Associate Vice President of Finance
Montefiore Medical Center

Co-Chair: Mary Grochowski, Chief Financial Officer
SBH Health System

Milton DeRienzo, Chief Financial Officer 
Acacia Network

D. Alexandra Dyer, Director of Finance
St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction

Donna Friedman, Executive Director
Mosaic Mental Health

Mary Hartnett, Chief Financial Officer 
Union Community Health Center

Richard Keller, Vice President, Strategy and Business Development
All Metro Health Care

Soloman Rutenberg, Chief Executive Officer
Workmen’s Circle Multicare Center

Lennie Trainer, Chief Financial Officer
Morris Heights Health Center

Alan Woghin, Chief Financial Officer
The Institute for Family Health

Janneth Gaona — CSO Staff
Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities