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Looking Back

Ten DSRIP Projects, Tailored to Community Needs

In the early stages of DSRIP planning, BPHC conducted an in-depth analysis of the health challenges and the healthcare and community resources in the Bronx. We identified not only which health issues are most common, but also why they are so pervasive. Based on our findings, we customized ten projects to our community’s specific healthcare issues, focusing on chronic disease management, hospital and emergency services, and behavioral health.

Plans for Every Project

After selecting our projects, we immediately began formulating plans to make them come to life. Healthcare experts from our member organizations helped us craft goals and set timelines for each project and for our PPS as a whole. Our entire PPS got involved, teaching us how to best incorporate each organization into each project.

This collective effort helped produce an Organizational Implementation Plan and ten Project Implementation Plans – one for each project. These plans outline BPHC’s goals, and we will be awarded DSRIP funding based on whether or not we meet them.

 Formation of the Project Advisory Committee

Our Project Advisory Committee, established in April, guides the work of the whole PPS. The Executive Committee is at the helm, overseeing overall DSRIP implementation. Four Sub-Committees supporting the Executive Committee develop strategies to implement projects, standardize best practices, oversee distribution of DSRIP funds, and deploy staff trained to deliver the highest quality of care.