The reviews are in … BPHC’s Care Coordination Training Program Receives Positive Ratings

BPHC’s Care Coordination Training Program received excellent reviews in a recent independent assessment. Participants gave high endorsements for the course being “insightful,” “all-inclusive,” and “extremely useful” in their role on a care team.

Instructors were commended for understanding the care coordinator role and providing critical skills and advice in the areas of motivational interviewing, communicating with providers, and addressing work challenges. Course participants appreciated the variety of classroom formats that include lecture, discussion, and group activities.

Here are examples of what they had to say:

I liked that each week was a different model with different instructors and strategies that each person used. It was very enlightening.

Before, I didn’t have that confidence with the doctors. It gave me more confidence, I got more comfortable communicating not just with the doctors, with the patients as well.

At the beginning, I was really shy in terms of reaching out to the providers, but then after the training, I understood that communication is a must.

Everything that matters to the patients — everything they need — was covered.

The emphasis was that you look at the whole of the person, which for me as [an experienced care coordinator] is very important.

“We are delighted that the training has been so well-received and is accomplishing its goal,” says Mary Morris, BPHC Director of Workforce Interventions.

Now in its third year, the Care Coordinator Training Program began as a nine-day course and recently expanded to 11 days with the addition of classes focused on “Social Determinants and the Law” and “Cultural Competency in the Bronx.”

“The course is critical to teaching and empowering care coordinators to embrace and carry out their role so that we can create a healthcare system that is coordinated and patient-focused,” says Morris. “We encourage those who have not taken the course to register for our program that begins on February 4.”

The assessment was conducted through the graduate program of the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations. For questions about this report, e-mail Venus Goulbourne.