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RHIO Patient Consent Training

An Essential Step to Quality Care

Patients benefit when doctors have their complete medical history. As a member of the RHIO, your organization’s providers can access patients’ electronic health records from other healthcare professionals. Remember to obtain consent so that your patients can receive quality, coordinated care.

RHIO Patient Consent Training Tools

BPHC developed these training tools for staff members responsible for collecting RHIO patient consent. These materials focus on the benefits of and process for obtaining consent to access patients’ medical information from the RHIO, including:

  • General information about the RHIO and how health information exchanges work
  • Review of consent forms and consent choices
  • Tips and talking point for engaging patients in giving consent

Click on the graphics or links below to view or download the training materials:


RHIO Patient Consent Training Video




Training PowerPoint




Tip Sheet


For questions about these training materials, contact Luci de Haan.